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Hey fashion gurls! It's finally summer! School's out, and it's time to hit the beach! So check out our fashion news for the greatest in shorts, shirts, bathing suits, and more!


For purses this summer we're looking at purses with short swingable handles to swing over your shoulder, usually in a basic color of black or brown, but if you want to totally coordinate to what you're wearing, that definitely works too! Of course, starting in on summer, you're going to want sunglasses, and we recommend the classic look. You know, rimmed, with basic black lenses. Or, if you want to be more daring and trendy, you can always get the rimless kind with colored lenses. But always make sure that your shades are 100% UV Protection, so you protect your eyes too!


Okay, colors for tops are gonna be red, blue, just anything bright and fun that looks good on you! Of course, if you want to be more understated, then pastel pinks and greens are totally cute too. We looove lace, lace, and lace! Just anything girly and sweet is great! Of course tropical themes are also adorable. Oh, and keyholes, safety-pins, lace-up, v-neck, cut in Vs, and just anything around the neck totally works!


Okay, since it's summer, of course you're gonna want some shorts! Basic denim is what we love, but khaki or even matching brightly colored shorts to your shirts is also great! Oh, and for length, never go below you knees for shorts, that's just not what is in this summer! But also, never, never go too short, it's just soooo tacky. Short skirts are fabulous too, in those we like (again) khaki and denim, unless you want to make an outfit with, (exp) a flowered skirt and a solid shirt. So just find something that you like!


For shoes we want flip-flops, flip-flops, and more flip-flops! We like platform black ones, Tilt and Reef make some really cute and comfortable ones! Brown is also great. But, whatever color you choose, make sure it doesn't clash with your shirt! That's just a "fashion nono"!

Bathing Suits

Okay, for bathing suits the trend this season is bikinis and tankinis. We love halter tops, and shorts bottoms! A rainbow of hues in Hawaiian print is a great trend, and, for something totally fresh, try denim bathing suits! They're totally cute!


This season the trend is more natural, for instance brown eyeshadow, and just a little lip gloss. Pink is also okay for eyeshadow, just depending on what you're wearing. Also, a little mascara (clear or black) can make a great dramatic effect! For lips find a lipstick that fits you, and put some clear or pink gloss over it. So, just try out different shades in eyeshadow and lipstick, and have fun!