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Ask Maya!

Hey girls! I'm Maya, and I have advice on whatever problem* you have! So if you want advice, email me!

Hey Maya! My names Amber and I'm 16. I like this guy, Nick, 17, but he has a girlfriend. He told me that he liked me . Well, if he likes me, shouldn't he break up with his girlfriend???


Dear Amber,

Yes, if he likes you and not his girlfriend he should definitely break up with his girlfriend. However, it's possible that he likes both of you in which case you should just try to forget about him. If he likes 2 girls at the same time, it's not necessarily abnormal, but it doesn't make for a healthy relationship. I would say that you should just approach him and start a conversation, gradually bringing it around to the two of you. If he won't break up with his girlfriend, then you just have to wait. They'll probably break up eventually, and then he may be more ready for you. Hope this helps!

Love, Maya

Hi Maya my name is Alexis.....I met this guy a couple weeks ago and became interested, I went to see him one night and he totally blew me off and than said he was upset with me??? I haven't heard from him since but I still really like him and I don't know what to do!!!! Can you help????

Dear Alexis,

Do you have any idea why he was upset with you? If you did something to him that you shouldn't have, then apologizing is probably the only (and defnitely the best) way to see him again. If you have no idea what you did, then he was probably just in a bad mood. Try to forget about that time and talk to him again. Just get to know him and see what happens! Hope this helps.

Love, Maya

Hi my name is katie and i have been really crushing on this one guy for an LONG time.But its like he doesnt even notice me it like im just his friends little sister... how can i get him to notice me? We have soo much in common and he was always been there for me. Its just I frezee when he starts to flirt with me...I mean hes only a year older than me and hes been toally ignoring me and flirting really bad with my friend Kat and shes been flirting back....she just recently started to like him and i think he likes her and i tearing me apart to see then flirt with each other.....Im not every self-confeint so its hard for me to flirt back........

Please write back

Hopelessly in love

Dear Hopelessly in Love,

It sounds to me like you just need some confidence! All you really need to do is talk to him. Try to get to know him and let him get to know you. Remember, he's not going to hate you if you say something stupid once, and if he does he's not worth it! If he flirts with you, just flirt back. I know it's really hard, but remember, you need to grab your chances when they come! If you think that he and your friend like each other, you probably shouldn't try to get between them. Think about it, and decide if he or your friend is more important. Remember, if you do try to break them up if they get together, you could lose both of them. But if you think that's not an issue, then just have confidence! I'm sure you're a great girl, and he'll think so too if you just get to know him!

Love, Maya

my name is liz and I know this boy and I like him and i think he likes me but i don't know. the other night he hit me so i hit him back and then he was holding me down,cause we were playing.then i was sitting on his lap wit him holding my hands,then i tryed to get up and he sat on my hips like on top of me. can you give me some advise on what to say to see if he likes me, what to do.

Dear Liz,

It sounds like this boy really likes you... and like you really like him! What you described to me sounded like definite signs of flirting. So, flirt back! Show him you like him, and talk to him. Remember, you don't have to wait for him to make the first move! If he doesn't ask you out, you can ask him out! So just, keep on being his friend and talking to him, and if the time seems right, just ask him out! Hope that helps.

Love, Maya

hi,i am 16 and i have had this huge crush on the guy that lives across the street from me for the longest time...last time i told him i liked him he said i was too young because i was 14, he thought i was 16 at 1st then i told him i was 14 and he said i was too young, and i was thinking,im 16 now,maybe im not too young now,but i never really talk to him and if i did i would have no clue what to say...please help me...thanx...


Dear Erica,

Well, since you are 16 now, I would say, just go up to him and talk! If he lives across the street from you, you probably see him fairly often, so next time he's outside just wave and say hi! If he responds and seems interested, just try to talk to him. I know it seems hard, but don't think abou it, just do it! Also, you don't have to talk about anything really important, just talk to him for a little while and get to know him better. I wouldn't suggest telling him outright that you like him, because that could just scare him off. Also, how old is he? I wouldn't want to dash your hopes, but it's possible that when he said you were too young, he didn't mean your age, he might have meant the age difference between the two of you. But, just try to go for it! Even if you don't ever go out... you could be great friends!

Love, Maya

i need advice on what topics i can talk to my boyfriend on the phone about.he been getting mad because i haven't beeen talking to him on the can u help me on some topics i talk to him about thank you


Dear Tia,

Okay, well one idea would be to go somewhere together, such as an amusement park, movie, the mall, or a party. Or you can do stuff together but with a group, not just the two of you. Either of those things would give you something to talk about and remember. Or, of course, some basic topics are school, books, TV, and music (my fave). Hope that some of this will help you...bye!

Love, Maya

Hi!! I'm writing in need of some serious help.I'm a seventeen year old female currently from Guyana.My problem is that I can't get a certain guy out of my mind,over the past few months we would frequently speak on the phone and also on the internet but all of that have stopped.The thing is that this Guy have asked me out on dates a number of times and I always turned him down by telling him I was busy not realising I had some feelings for him.He got disgusted and stopped asking me out.Two days back I had the courage to talk to him online.I told him how sorry I was to have treated him and he asked me to put that behind us ,he even asked me if we can start over, I agreed but then I had to come offline.He went so far as to ask me what I was doing for the summer and I said I was leaving the country.He seemed so concerned and happy to hear from me that he even asked me how soon.Unfortunately I was leaving the next week but I hadn't had the time to tell him so.After telling him bye he asked me to call him whenever I wished.But I don't know whether I should ,I don't want to seem eager to talk to him.I haven't called him yet .It's killing me inside because I want to talk or see him in person.I'm not as popular as he is, so can that be the reason he's not calling me?Or is it because of the way I have treated him in the past or is it that he doen't have the courage to call me no more.?Do you think I should forget about him?Please help!!!!

Dear Unsigned,

Well, to me it sounds like this guy really likes you, and you really like him. He probably is waiting for you to make the first move (phone-wise) because before you acted like you didn't like him. He probably just doesn't want to get hurt again. I would say, call him. Just talk to him about whatever you've talked about in the past, and be casual. If he shows signs of wanting to go out with you again, you can ask him! Oh, and don't worry about seeming too eager to talk to him... I mean, wouldn't you want someone to be eager to talk to you? And it sounds like he really likes you, so I don't think he's going to think you're too eager! After you call him, tell him to call you whenever he wants, and chances are he will! Just be positive and try to keep in touch with him... something good will probably come out of it! Hope some of that helps, bye!

Love, Maya

Dear Maya,

Hi. My name is Kayla. I am going in the 7th grade August 4th,2003. I am going out with this one boy and I am to afraid to call him. I am sure if he knew my new phone number he would call me. I am not afraid to call him it is just I freeze whenever I have to start a conversation. What should I do. Please email me.

Friends forever,


Dear Kayla,

That's great that you have a boyfriend you really like! I would say, since you're going out already, just call him! He must like you since you're going out... so whatever you say is going to interest him! Some topics you could use would be about new movies you've seen, school starting, what you're doing for the summer, TV shows, books, music... the possibilites are endless! Or, try asking him about himself, or his interests. Everyone likes to talk about themselves! =) And if you're sure he'd call you, just casually give him your number sometime when the 2 of you are together! He probably wants it already, but doesn't know how to ask you. So make it easy for him. Well, I hope that some of my advice works, and that everything works out between the two of you!

Love, Maya

i like this lad in ma class we was goin out wid each other 4 at least 4 hours dats my problem i want him 2 notice me more but how? i dont no wat 2 do theres popular girls and they always get da attention i want him so much but i dont no how 2 make him more attracted to me how do i do that?

Dear Unsigned,

Just be yourself! I mean, I'm sure that everyone tells you that, but it's so true! But also let him know you're interested in him! Flirt with him, talk to him, ask him about himself. Don't try to be like him, because any lies you tell him now will just catch you later. Does he already have a crush or girlfriend? If so, don't try to break them up. Wait until he's more available and then try to let him know you like him again. You said you went out with him "for at least four hours"? Did you go on a date or were you just "going out" then? Did you guys break up already? If so, this might not be the ideal relationship. But, if you really think he's the one for you, just try some of my advice above! And if you think it's going well enough, you can ask him out!

Love, Maya

Dear Maya

Hi, my name is Tawny and I really like this guy named Taylor but he is going out with someone else. O ya I am only in 8th grade. But also he said that he will go out with me when he breaks up with the other girl. I knew him since 1st grade and he went out with me in 6th Grade and over the summer after 6th grade was over and we came to 7th grade he said I got so much hotter and sexier. How am I going to get him to notice me more? Please email me back. Thankyou.

Byez Tawny

Dear Tawny,

Why hasn't Taylor already broken up with his girlfriend if he'd rather be with you? Does his current girlfriend know that he doesn't really want her? How long has he liked you better? It sounds to me like he already does notice you if he wants to go out with you after he breaks up with his girlfriend. However, if his girlfriend doesn't know that he likes you, then you should think about what kind of relationship could be ahead for the two of you. To address making him notice you more, just be yourself (I know everyone probably tells you that, but still), and don't ever pretend to be someone you're not just to make him like you, because then he won't actually like the real you. Although you should probably keep in mind that even though he did tell you he liked you and wanted to go out with you, he still might not break up with his girlfriend. If that happens, you should just let him go, he wouldn't be the kind of guy any reasonable girl would want to go out with. But, if he is a nice guy and he really wants you, he'll break up with his girlfriend immediately and not try to make her think that he still likes her. So, I hope that this all works out, and hope my advice helped!

Love, Maya

My boyfriend and a friend of mine like hang out a lot and he calls her on the phone instead of me! one of my other friends said that he may like her a little bit but loves me a lot. I also hear that he lies, sometimes to me (but I can't tell!), he talks about me or my other friends behind our backs, a lot of my friends say they really don't like him, and he hangs out with people that are like bad and some don't even like me!!!! He cancels dates with me to hang out with another person and I heard he'll lie to me to get off the phone with me!!! My friend (the one I think he likes) sometimes i think lies to me and doesn't tell me everything!! I'm so scared and need advice! Should I dump him or allow nature to take it's course????


Totally Distressed

Dear Totally Distressed,

Okay, this guy does not sound like the type of boyfriend any girl would want! You said you've heard he lies, but those are just rumors. I would suggest trying to ask him privately if this is true. But try not to be too accusing, he'll just close up. Also, you could try asking your friend who you've hear he likes what they talk about and if she thinks he likes her. If you find out that the rumors are true, then you should definitely dump him. He doesn't sound like a healthy influence, or a nice person to hang out with.

Hope that helps!

Love, Maya

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